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Make all of your assessments technology enhanced

Get an adequate amount of pre-built high-quality assessments at KIWI and key point is you can create your and mix match them instantly and we KIWI handle all this so smoothly for you by using smart and ingenious technology. It’s time to save paper and boot paperwork.

We do have a KIWI premium where our X-Labs work closely to understand the complex and sophisticated way of assessment and provide you the best solution. In addition to that you also get features like

  • Hidden answers
  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Anti-cheating features

What makes us better

We provide a simplified, organized and highly scalable solution to get candidate prepared and perform exceptional and at the same time a school/institute can manage their database base without losing a byte of data.

Custom reports and insights

10+ different set of pre-built graph are available to give insight about completed exam which helps you to set bar for every student.

Real-time Dashboard

CareerInsta enables a Realtime Dashboard with a disciplined and organized data which helps you to do diagnosis for every bit of exam.

Student batch and subgroups

Create batch according to bandwidth or according to the infrastructure which means you have complete control.

Integration with SMS

If you are a school we have SMS PREX for you which can be unified with KIWI which helps to simplify your organization problem.

Data Crunching

  • We run enough batch jobs to get collective data
  • ML modules are enabled to ensure you get significant data
  • In house data science team works on analytical part to ensure we submit a right summary to student and admin both
  • CareerInsta X-labs works closely with Customer Success Team to resolve all complex and critical data populating issue of end user

How Custom Exam Work

We build solution which works mutually to resolve all possible problems.

Step 1


Step 2

Create Batch

Step 3

Add Student

Step 4

Create Test